Retinol, Everything You Need To Know
Retinol, Everything You Need To Know
Hi everyone, it's Tonia Ryan. Welcome to our newest edition of #SkincareNews. Today we're talking about every question you've ever had about retinol. We're going to answer all of those questions. InStyle magazine and I together are going to let you know, coming up.

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#1 - So number one, "What's the difference between retinol & retinoids?" Well, that's a great question because there's a little bit of a difference. There's not that much of a difference, but there's a little bit of a difference. "So they aren't actually the same thing. So retinoids are basically an umbrella term for the derivatives of vitamin A," because of course, all of the retinols are a vitamin A. "Retinoids work by increasing the collagen production, as well as increasing the rate of skin cell turnover." You're right, InStyle. That's absolutely correct.

InStyle magazine is saying, "Retinol products are the closest thing to actual magic. The powerful ingredient known as vitamin A is used to treat a long list of common skincare illnesses such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, dullness, large pores, et cetera. It can be extremely effective, but the ingredient in equal parts, is confusing because there's so many misconceptions about it. Two of the biggest myths that make people so nervous about incorporating a retinol into their skincare routines is because it can cause irritation," and they think your skin will peel off and you need to avoid the sun when you're using it. So those are some things you have to think about. But I can help you answer all those questions and I can help you choose the right retinol that works for your skin.

At Inance Skin and Skincare Special, you can see below here, we have the best retinol, the best medical grade retinol that you can get. This is not a Retin-A. That's a prescription product which you actually do not want to use. That's so old school, people were using that years and years ago. You do not need that anymore unless you have severe acne or severe skin conditions that your doctor thinks that you need that to treat. And then he will also give you antibiotics as well if you have severe acne. But nowadays, there's retinols in the market that are so great that you not irritate your skin and also do not thin your skin, because when you're using a tretinoin, it completely thins your skin and it's not good for longterm use at all.

#2 -  InStyle magazine is asking the second question, "Is retinol just a really strong exfoliant?" That's a great question, but that's actually a rumor, and that's why people experience peeling and redness when they start incorporating it into their skincare routine. In reality, retinol works by enhancing college and production and increasing the rate the skin turns over and regenerates. This can cause exfoliation of the outer layers of the skin, and when someone uses retinol on the outer layers of skin, it's peeling off and the newer skin underneath is revealed.

So I would say the answer to number two is actually yes and no. It is a really strongest exfoliate, but this kind of a rumor, it's really not that it does help exfoliate your skin, but what it's doing, like they said, it causes a total lesion of the outer layer of the skin because new skin is being regenerated underneath the outer layer. So it's not necessarily an exfoliant, but you could think it's an exfoliant just because your skin is peeling.
#3 - So let's go to number three. InStyle is saying, "How long does it take to see results when using retinol?" Well, retinol isn't going to transform your skin overnight. That's not going to happen. With continued use, you'll start to see an improvement in texture, breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles. Typically, dryness and irritation for retinoids can last four to six weeks. I think that's with the stronger retinols. That's what InStyle was recording, because there's some like Alastin. If you get the Alastin skincare, if you have, if you've used retinols before and they're irritating to your skin, they have a 0.25%. It's much less harsh. If you want the something that's more extreme and you want the best you can get or the hardest, the strongest, I should say, that you can get, there's a retinol 1% which is really good from Obagi. SkinCeuticals has a 0.5% and also a 1%, so it depends upon exactly what you're looking for, but I can help you find that.

It normally takes about 12 weeks though, to see significant changes in texture, wrinkle reduction, improvements, pigmentation, pore size. That's if your skin is, if you have very large pores, much thicker skin with sun damage, it could take 12 weeks. I've seen some of my clients within a week see a difference. When I use retinol, because I use it and then I don't use it, and then I use it again and I don't use it because I incorporate so many different skincare products. I like to stay on a certain routine for a little bit of time and then I will incorporate the retinol back in. But when I'm not using it after about sometimes a couple of days, I'm feeling and noticing a difference.

#4 -  InStyle is asking, "Does your skin have to peel for retinol to work?" Well, that's a good question. And it does not have to peel. The answer is no. Everyone's skin is so different. Some people, you're going to see peeling. It depends upon the intensity of the product you're using. I personally don't ever really see any peeling when I've used hardly any retinols. It just doesn't really happen. I might see a little bit of dry patches here and there, but I don't get that full peeling effect, which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes there's just extra moisturizers in some of the products so you aren't going to peel. And I use tons of moisturizers. I am the biggest fan of as much moisture as you can get. I don't mind if I'm a little bit shiny because I'm never oily, I'm just hydrated, and I really like that look.

#5 - Tonia Ryan: InStyle asks,  "Should you use retinol at morning or at night?" Wow, best question so far. Absolutely you use it at night. You do not use it in the daytime, you use it at night because it's going to work more effectively while you're sleeping. And also, vitamin A, during the day the sunlight can deactivate it. And the most important reason not to use a retinoid during the day is that the majority of topical retinoids are rendered inactive by sunlight. So if sunlight is hitting your skin, then the retinol isn't going to really work the same way that it would at night anyways. The dryness and peeling when first using retinoids can make you more sensitive to the sun also, which is why you have to use an SPF. And it's best to use them at night because that's when your skin's repairing. So definitely, definitely, definitely use your retinol at night.

#6 - "How do you start using retinol?" I would say a better title to that question would be, "How do I incorporate retinol into my daily regimen? What should I do? When should I use it?" Well, of course we already talked about, you're going to use it at night, but you want to start out gradually. You want to start two to three times a week, let's say on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to see how your skin tolerates the retinol. Because some people can get too much irritation, some dry, and you have to watch not putting it around your nose and around the creases of your mouth because those can dry more. But if there's no dryness at all and you can tolerate it better, then you can work up to let's say five nights a week, and then you can go up to seven.

And if you started with a 0.25%, after you've used your entire tube, then you can go to a half of a percent and work your way up to 1%, if you want. I personally like to stay with the 5%. I went to a 1% before and I didn't see more of a difference. I just saw more irritation in certain spots. But it depends upon your skin. Some people want the most active ingredient they can get and that's the 1%.

#7- So question number seven, "Can you use a retinol and vitamin C together?" Excellent question, because most people have no idea and this is something that you need to know. They're saying, just like brushing your teeth immediately after drinking orange juice, it doesn't taste well and it doesn't go well together. So I'm going to say, it's not that you can't use them, but you have to use them on separate dates. So let's say when you're using your retinol, when you're starting out and you're just using your retinol at night, then the opposite day, if you were doing retinol Monday, Wednesday, Friday, do your vitamin C Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. So this way it's not being done on the exact same day. And here's the reasons why you want to use them on different days, because vitamin C treats hyperpigmentation, protects skin against free radical damage, builds collagen, shrink spores and improves texture, right?

But there's different purposes that each of them do. They protect the skin from free radical damage, and it works the best in the morning, the vitamin C. So when retinol is doing something at night, it's good to use a vitamin C in the morning for opposite days that you aren't using the retinol to get the full effects. Some of the best vitamin C serums are the Obagi. We also have the enhanced vitamin C serums which are almost identical products. They are great. They're some of my favorites, so if you need any of those, you can go to the Skincare Special or Inance Skin. I'll give you an amazing coupon code and you can try to use vitamin C and incorporate it with your retinol.

#8 - So here's question number eight. "Should you use retinol on wet skin?" Huh? I guess if you've never used retinol before, that's a question to ask. Most of us already know the answer to this, and you probably don't want to use it on wet skin. But there's myths out there about applying retinol on wet skin, they're saying. One is that retinol is more irritating when the skin is wet because it's more sensitized. And the other is that moist skin absorbs retinol better. But both are false. That's what I thought. You don't want to use retinol on wet skin whatsoever. Depending upon what skincare regimen you're on, you normally always want to do your retinol after you've washed your face at night, then your toner, then if you're using an Obagi product, it's great to mix with the Clear FX if you have hyperpigmentation. It just depends upon what your regimen is and exactly where you put your retinol. But I can help you decide as soon as I know what regimen you're on.

#9 - Big question here, number nine, InStyle is asking, "Can you use retinol when you're pregnant?" No. Do not do it. They're saying high doses of vitamin A can be harmful to an unborn child and cause birth defects, so completely refrain from it. Yes, do not be using any retinol while you're pregnant whatsoever. Never. Just don't do it. Now, InStyle only had nine questions. 

#10- I have number 10, and it's one of the most important. I'm going to throw this one in myself. How much retinol should you use? "Oh, Tonia, what a great question, because I had no idea how much retinol I should use." You use a pea-sized. You do not take like you would your moisturizer and put a whole clump and put it all over your face. No, no, no, no, no, pea-sized amount, put it all around your face. Do not hit where your nostrils are, your eyes or your mouth. Keep it away from there and just put it on your skin. And that's plenty to see how well it's going to work. A little bit of a long way when it comes to retinol.

So I hope I answered all of your questions that had to do with retinol. Retinol is a great product to incorporate into your skincare regimen and I'm happy to help you figure out whatever you need. I'm here for you. You'll talk directly to me if you message me below, or if you go to my website, Inance Skin or Skincare Special, you'll have a coupon code. I have a little chat box there. You can message me whenever and I'll answer all of your questions about whatever skincare items that you need, because I love to help everyone make sure they have beautiful, glowing skin.

So thank you so much for watching this video. Have a wonderful night. Please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell because this way you'll be able to see and get notified whenever I have new videos coming out. Have a wonderful night. See you soon, friends. Bye-bye.
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