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Well, hi, everyone is telling you within the skincare and today I'm gonna be talking about a three piece pre-made kit. That's going to help plump your skin up. Give it the extra hydration. I'm going to tell you all about it coming up, but before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected. And this way I can help make sure that I give you the best coupon codes and savings by skincare besties, so you can save money. So our new Inance skincare medical line is here. I'm so excited. You know, I have had any skin out for almost a decade. It's been nine years and at one of the best manufacturing companies in the United States, which is so great. So I partnered with years ago and as anything grows and new technology comes out, things will start getting better and better and better when it comes to skincare. And that's exactly what's going on here. I feel

Like this is like the trilogy of what Inance has been doing, because we're going to hit our ten-year mark next year. And it's just so exciting because now I feel our products have always been great. But I feel now with everything that we've been doing, all the new technology, all of the new clinical trials that we are  the best.

I'm not saying that because I'm trying to say I'm the best, but are her products are the best they're absolutely working. And I can't wait to tell you more about them. So I created several pre-made kits to make it really easy for you. Most of them are five piece kits, but then I put together a three-piece kit. And the reason I did this was actually because a lot of you guys and my friends, my skin for besties and my clients have been asking me, well, what about if I want a different sunscreen? Or what about if I want a different product to add to this? So I put the three piece together because this is a good start. And then as we're, cause you can text me, everyone texts me and asks me what products they should get. And I helped to skincare consultations via photos and all of that.

But this way we can start with this as a basis because this is super important. And then we can start adding more products onto your regimen. So to start out your skincare routine, we would start with these three products I put in the cleanse. It, this is a gentle cleanser. So this way, whatever skin type that you have, you don't have to worry about sensitivity or anything like that. There's no fragrance in it. It's a great way to start. It's not stripping. And it has a wonderful, natural sense that everyone loves. I think it comes from the orange oil that's in the product, but it just is so refreshing. So that's the first product you would start with. The second one is our gentle toner. It's our tone. It, everyone loves the name of Heather tone at toner. And what's great about this. It has peptides.

So I have all the directions and everything on the back for you. So you know how to use this as well, but as peptides in it, it has cucumber extract, which is great because that helps make sure that everything is shrinking. Just like when you're in a spa with the cucumbers. And it also has aloe, which we all know aloe is super healing to the skin and it puts your skin back to its natural pH. Now some people think you don't need a toner. I feel like you absolutely need a toner and you should be using it. I think at least every morning and night, at least at night or every other day, don't just say, oh, I don't need a toner. I'm not going to use it because it helps get rid of all that extra, you know, dead skin, dirt debris, and put your skin back to its natural pH, which is really important.

Especially if you don't want sensitivity in the future or anything like that, this way, you're, you're completely cleansing your skin and you should do it on your neck and décolletage. Now the third product is one of our best sellers and everyone's favorite. It's our collagen enhancing serum. It's the plump, it collagen enhancing serum, which we all know that's one of my favorite superstar products and that has vitamin B3. And it also has clinical trials where there are proven results for college and enhancing in your skin. So that's really important. Not only are we made in the USA and paraben-free, and sulfate-free, we do clinical trials on many of our products. And that's important because you need to know, how is this working? I feel all of the information I get from all of you, my skincare besties, you guys give me the most information.

And I love that. So this way I know what you like, what you don't like, and that's what I care about. And that's what is the most important to me now, this is only a three-piece kit. So this is a good way to start. We can add in so many different products for you. It totally depends upon your wants and needs. We have amazing moisturizers. We have an oil-free moisturizer that has nice cinema as well. We have a rich drench, it, a moisturizer, which is a night cream and it's just full of peptides. And everyone loves that. And then we have a mask. If you aren't using the mask, I have some acne products you can add to this. We have a neck it's called the tighten it, neck, firming cream. So there's so many different products that you can add onto this, but this is a great way to start. 

And then if you need help, you can go ahead and ask me, you can message me below as well. And let me know what all she needs to add onto this, depending upon your skin type and depending upon your wants and needs. So I want to make sure you guys get a coupon code so you can save big money. You can use coupon code YouTube at checkout, so you can save on all of the new enhanced skincare products. And you can also go to enhance skin.com. I'm going to give you the link here below, and then there's also a little, uh, a text chat box on the site. So if you have any questions, you can message me as well. And I'll be happy to answer that because I want to make sure that you get the greatest skin of your life and that you're super happy with all the products you're using. So thank you so much for watching my skincare, besties. I hope I gave you a bunch of information on our new three-piece kit and thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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