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This full page editorial is based on Inance skin care sponsoring the Oscars Celebrity gifting Suite.

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Mission Statement

[Af-flu-ent (af'loo-ent) adj. 1. Wealthy 2. Abundant 3. Flowing freely]

Here's a cliché that we've all heard, "Money can't buy happiness." It's a simple phrase that has proven by many a misguided trust fund flunkie to be frighteningly true. But that doesn't mean anyone in their right minds would rather be poor than rich. Because money may not buy happiness, but it definitely buys "happier." Even a little extra disposable income (i.e. enough cash to pay your bills and then some) eases stress, makes those state of the financial union chats a bit shorter and a lot more fun, boosts confidence, helps us feel more at ease, and dare I say, happier.

But what happens after that? When more than one extra zero is added to your income? Do people enjoy themselves more or less? Do they feel more or less encumbered? Are they flowing freely as the definition suggests? That's the real question. Because we at affluent believe it isn't about how much you have, it's what you do with it. It's not the life you build carefully, it's the one you live with heart. Wealth and abundance are meaningless without flow. What good is having extra time and money if you aren't willing to share them?

Just ask billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Both have made the global press for binging on charity. These men, and their families, who have made their names on earning and saving, seem to equally enjoy giving it all away.

Now, let's get something straight. Our editorial mission at affluent is not to convince the wealthy and sophisticated among us to launch estate sales and real estate auctions and dedicate the rest of their lives to charity. But we are serious about re-framing what it means to be affluent. For us, it goes beyond dollars and cents. It's about health and wellness, looking great and feeling great, enjoying the moment (and, yes, sometimes that means buying really cool expensive new products), and planning for the future (wealth must be managed).

In our pages we will discuss fashion and beauty, health and wellness, technology, travel, food and wine, cars, yachts and planes - all the games and all the toys, but we will also discuss the environment, volunteerism, and profile charities worthy of our readers attention and money. We want our readers to learn how to live with affluence in a holistic, life affirming way, so they get more out of their own lives, share that joy with those around them, and make a difference in this world.

Yes, ours is a luxury lifestyle magazine. But we should also look at that word, "luxury." Lux is Latin for light. And that's what we hope affluent is for our readers - a beacon of light that helps bring them more awareness, enjoyment and, hopefully, even more wealth and abundance (of money, time and spirit) then they ever thought possible.

This is more than a Mission Statement. This is from my heart. This is a love letter to a business I truly love.

Editor, Madison

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