Alastin Skin Care Tinted SPF 36 Sunscreen! My New Favorite Sunscreen!
Alastin Skin Care Tinted SPF 36 Sunscreen! My New Favorite Sunscreen!
Hi guys. It's Tonia Ryan with Inance Skincare, and are you ready to talk about one of the best tinted sunscreens on the market? Everyone's going crazy for it. I'm going to let you know what it is coming up. And before we get started make sure you like and subscribe to my channel. Go ahead and hit that bell down there, because then you'll get a notification on your phone or your computer or your tablet, every time I have a new video coming out, so I can help save you time and money and help you pick the best skincare of your life.

So today friends, we are talking about Alastin Skincare and the new pro mineral broad spectrum SPF. It's the best. I mean, if you want the best, this stuff is so great. The only problem with it is once you start trying it, you want to keep using it over and over and over. It's like you have to have it every time. People are telling me they can't live without it once they've tried it. "Oh Tonia, you're right about so many products, but this is one of the biggest winners you've ever told me about." that's all I keep hearing.

So what is so great about this SPF that's tinted Tonia, please tell me. Oh, okay, I will. What's so great about it is it's super lightweight. You definitely still need a sunscreen. It doesn't matter if it's winter, summer, spring, or fall, you always have to have a sunscreen on your face, but this gives you this beautiful hue. It just makes you look radiant and fresh. It is just so, so nice. So this universal tint helps with almost all skin types. It doesn't matter what your skin type is and what your coloring is. And I'm going to show you here on my hand so that you can get an idea. Look at how smooth and it has a little bit of coverage. If you can see that, look at the difference. It is just so gorgeous on your skin. You don't have to use it just on your face. You can use it anywhere you want if you want an SPF and you want a little bit of color that helps minimize any of those little flaws.

This stuff is ... and it smells so nice. It smells just like a super light, fresh ocean. It smells so nice. You're going to love it. And like I said, it's great for all seasons. So if you're skiing or snowboarding, of course you need an SPF or you still can burn. This is great if you hardly want to wear any makeup, because it'll give you a little bit of coverage. You can put it on, a little blush, lipstick, mascara, and you're ready to go. Or in the morning, if you're in a rush before you drop the kids off to school, you want to have a little bit of something on your face, you can put this all over because it's also moistures as well. Again, little lip gloss, a little blush, sunglasses, and you get the kids off to school.

So the formula in this mineral SPF is so rich in antioxidants. Help shield your skin against pollution that can create skin damage. And, or, if you're going to the gym, you can throw this on just so you get a little bit of coverage and also so you help protecting your skin. Because if you're using any of the other brands that I carry such as Obagi or anything like that, and you have any hyperpigmentation, you always want to make sure that your skin is covered, right? So none of those dark spots come back. That helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles and everything if you're constantly having an SPF. I have an SPF in all of my makeup foundations I use. So again, here's another wonderful, amazing SPF product. I know you're going to really like it. So give it a try.

So if you want to try this out, you can go ahead and go to Inance Skin, you can see down below here or Skincare Special. I'm going to give you a wonderful coupon code, and the coupon code is eyecream01. I'm going to put that down here as well. Now I know this isn't an eye cream, but I'm going to give you a deal on the Alastin eye cream and neck decollete as well, which the code works for those products as well. If you haven't tried any of those products, believe me, the Alastin line is like no other. It's created by one of the same chemist who created Skinmedica. I'm sure you've heard of Skinmedica or you've used it, their famous TNS serum, but this is above and beyond what Skinmedica is. That is just my personal opinion. I absolutely love this brand.

And again, none of my videos are sponsored. This is the brand that I choose to sell on my website. I own Inance Skin and Skincare Special, and I only choose the best medical skin care brands. I would not take my hard earned money and buy any sort of brands that I didn't think were wonderful, because what good would that do myself or you, because I want to make sure you get the most wonderful, glowing skin of your life.

So thank you so much for joining me and watching my video. Please make sure you like and subscribe again if you haven't already, just hit that bell. And thanks so much for coming to hang out with me. I love building my community and for us to have a whole place together where we can talk about skincare. So thank you for coming to see me. I greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day. Bye friends.

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