Anti-Aging Skin Care Products That Work #obagi
Anti-Aging Skin Care Products That Work #obagi
Well hi everyone and thank you for watching my channel. Today we're going to be talking about anti-aging skincare brands that work. So this is really important and I know you want to know everything about the products I'm going to show you today and it's coming up next.

Today we're going to be talking about anti-aging brands that work and Obagi Nu-Derm is one of those brands. Obagi works with so many different skin types and so many different skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, on and on. It's definitely one of the best skincare lines out there when you're looking for anti-aging, especially if you have hyperpigmentation. So any clients that come to me that have an issue with hyperpigmentation, I always normally start them on Obagi and then we can switch to something else later but some people follow that Obagi for life and they like to continue to keep using Obagi once they've started but we can figure that out together as we move along in the process.

So with Obagi, there are two different lines. There's the Obagi medical Rx line and then there's the Obagi Fx line. The Rx line you have to get from a doctor, you need a prescription. You don't want to buy this online without getting a prescription, that's not smart to do because it has a 4% hydroquinone and a lot of physicians and doctors that I've spoken with and that I work with say that's not something that you really want to use unless necessary. So the Fx brand works just as well and we incorporate it with some other products. We can do a 2% hydroquinone which goes with the clear, but we'll get into that as we move alone.

So with the Obagi Nu-Derm system, it's pretty important to use the full line together in conjunction. I have some clients that will just use the number three and the number five, which is the Clear Fx and the Blend Fx without using the rest of the line but it's good to start using it this way because it does help with anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. So the first thing you're going to do is choose your cleanser. There is a gentle cleanser and a foaming cleanser. So the gentle cleanser is part of the normal to dry, and the foaming gel is part of the normal to oily systems.

Then of course there is the toner. There is a little bit of controversy on should you use a toner, should you not use a toner. When you're using the system I think it's important to use a toner because the Obagi Nu-Derm toner has witch hazel in it which is an anti-inflammatory which is great so when you're using your retinol and mixing everything together, it does help with inflammation and calms inflammation.

So then we move on to the Clear Fx, this is the third step. This really helps decrease your hyperpigmentation on your face and if it's more extreme instead of going the route of the Rx version you can add the Inance Fade Cream. This is a 2% hydroquinone and it gets mixed with the Clear Fx because this has alpha arbutin so the two together work really, really well.

Then you'll choose your Exfoderm. This is your exfoliator which helps exfoliate the skin and has salicylic acid and it really works very well. The Exfoderm and the Exfoderm Forte, it totally depends upon your skin type, but some people, I can't even base it off skin type, they like the other version. So all I can say is the Exfoderm Forte is a little bit thicker and the Exfoderm is a little bit thinner, so depending upon the consistency of what you want.

So remember now all these products are Inance Skin. I'm going to give you the URL down here. It's Inance Skin or Skin Care Special and I do offer promos for all of my friends out there and the code is YouTube. You can use that promo code at checkout and it's also the coupon code area in the checkout.

So we also have ... This is really important. We're going to go with the Blend Fx, this also totally helps with anti-aging and hyperpigmentation, but then we mix the retinol. So when we talk about anti-aging products that work, retinol is a Vitamin A compound. This is one of the most important products to use for anti-aging. It's used at night and sometimes people have sensitive skin so there's a lot of different ways that you need to use it and you can't use certain products on certain days if you're incorporating a different brand, so that's why it's important to use the whole system at once to avoid and limit any irritation, but this is the number one anti-aging is a retinol compound.

Then the last and most important step is making sure that we're choosing a sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your entire process here and Obagi has several to choose from. This is the Broad Spectrum Physical UV which comes with a kit. It's a 32 SPF and then there's a Healthy Skin Protect which is a 35 but then Obagi also offers a mineral sunscreen if you want something that's just zinc and titanium dioxide, they have that and they have some tinted ones as well. So there's lots of choices, it totally depends upon what it is that you want.

So there are several anti-aging brands out there on the market. I like to only carry the best ones. There are so many brands, guys. I know it's so hard to choose and you could get overwhelmed and you're like, "Which product should I choose? I don't know what to choose." Well Obagi is great for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. If you don't have any hyperpigmentation and you need things just for anti-aging, they also have the Vitamin C line within Obagi. We have the Inance brand as well which is amazing and we carry Alastin and SkinCeuticals so there's lots of different options to choose from.

So I'm here to help you with whatever questions you have. So I'm going to put our text number down here because we do text to ordering and I offer a program if you don't know which products to choose, we can do a pre-paid amount of say $100.00 or $200.00 and then I can help get you into the proper product. So this way, I can make sure I give you a full evaluation of what you need and what your wants are so that you can pick the right product for you. So I hope you enjoyed watching my channel. Thank you so much for coming to join me. Again make sure you like and subscribe so we can always stay connected and I'll see you in the next video. 

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