At Home Dr Dennis Gross Ultra Gentle Peel #facialpeel
At Home Dr Dennis Gross Ultra Gentle Peel #facialpeel
Oh, hi everyone, it's Tonia with Inance Skin. Today I'm talking about this new product we started carrying at an Inance Skin, and it's an ultra gentle peel that's supposed to not be irritating at all. But before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected, because I give you the best coupon codes so that you can save money on wonderful, medical grade skincare.

You might've seen my other videos about the new brand that we brought in, which is Dr. Dennis Gross. He has quite a few different facial peels to choose from that are supposed to give you clinical-like results at home. This is the ultra gentle formula. If you saw my other videos, there's one that's moderate, that's in the middle, that you can use daily. Then there's the extra strength version, and this is the ultra gentle formula, so this way it's not too harsh on your skin.

Now, this only has two forms of acid in it. The extra strength has five different forms, which we know is a lot. That's something when you want something really intense, you really want to see serious results and you want them quickly. This is saying that if you have dehydrated or sensitive skin, so these are for all of my friends out there with sensitive skin, uneven tone or texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Again, that's mostly all of us. You want dewy, smooth, calm skin and immediate radiance.

That's what's nice about some of these peels, is you can see a difference right away after you start using them. I haven't used any peels whatsoever in a long time. And the reason I haven't is because I use my retinol. I'm using all my different serums. I have so many different things, that I don't feel like my skin is that dull because I'm constantly exfoliating. But I think it's always smart to do some sort of exfoliating peel just to get rid of that last bit of dry, dull skin, extra dirt. Everything that's just stuck underneath our skin so that we can get that radiant glow.

I'm going to start out with this ultra gentle formula peel. I can't do it now. I'm going to do it in a few weeks, because right now I'm using retinol and some other products, and I'm trying a bunch of new things. I don't want to do too many things at once that are new, because this way I want to know exactly what's working for my skin and I don't want to get any irritation. This actually has three different hydroxy acids in it, which is great. It has the lactic, it has one called mandelic acid and it also has witch hazel in it, which you've heard me talk about before, which is in our Obagi toner. That is a anti-inflammatory and calming ingredient, so I love that. I'm glad that that's in here as well.

If you've already tried one of these peels before and you like them, let me know in the comments below. Tell me if it worked for you, or if it's something you do want to try. Or if you just want to replenish it or try it for the first time, I'm going to give you a coupon code. You can use coupon code YouTube at checkout. You can go to, which I'm going to put here below. This way, you can start trying it before I am, because I definitely don't have time to do it right now. But I'm going to be doing it very soon and then I'll do a whole video about how it worked for me.

This is two steps. It's supposed to be pretty easy to use from what I'm seeing and what I'm reading online. I'm super excited to try it. The reason we started carrying Dr. Dennis Gross' brand is because he's a dermatologist. He's been working on his brand for years. I actually started carrying his brand when he first had it out with one of my old websites when it first launched. Everything was fairly new, but now he's done a lot with it. There's a lot of research behind it. I always love when it's doctor brands, because you really get so much science behind it. Of course, he's a dermatologist, he knows so much about skin and skincare, that it just actually makes you feel better about trying a product if you've never tried it for the first time.

Out of the three peels that I've talked about in my videos recently, if you don't know which peel to choose, I'm going to do a dedicated video about which peel you should choose out of the three, depending on your skin type.

Thank you so much for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope I helped give you a little bit more information about this new brand. If you have any questions, I have a little chat box at You can go ahead and message me there, or you can go to Inance Skin here and thank you so much my skincare besties, have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon. Bye-bye.

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