Back To The Office Skin Care Tips #skincareessentials
Back To The Office Skin Care Tips #skincareessentials

Well, hello there. My skincare besties. It is your skincare entrepreneur, Tonia Ryan. And today we're here for a new episode of hashtag skincare news. I know a lot of you are going back to the office and I have some great tips for you when it comes to skin, I'm going to let you know all about them coming up. But before we get started, if you can please make sure that you like and subscribe to my channel this way we can always stay connected. And I can make sure that you can get the best saving coupon codes when it comes to skin here. So now everyone, this is a new episode of the hashtag skin care news. This is from w J H Thank you so much. W J H They're talking about a lot of us are going back into the office. We all know this.

Some people are still at home. Some people are going back. Some people are doing both. Now during this whole crazy 2020, we all were really getting into our skin, really getting into skincare because we weren't having to wear makeup as much. We're wearing masks. There were so many different things going on. So now we're going back into the office. So they're talking about skincare essentials that are great, and I'm going to give all of them to you. Okay. So one of the things they're saying is you need to consider your coworkers because a lot of people do not like fragrance in their hand cream, since we're washing our hands so much, a lot of us have hand creams, especially if we're using antibacterial, uh, all the antibacterial sanitizers, and they just dry our hands out like crazy. So certain lotions, um, some people can think are overwhelming and the smell.

And a lot of people haven't been used to this. Now, if you have your mask on, you might not be smelling much of it at all, but it is something to consider. So with hand creams, you might want to consider a fragrance-free option. That's what we offer with our Inance medical skincare line. We have a hand lotion. That's amazing. It's so wonderful. Completely fragrance-free. So that's something you might want to check out. Another great idea that they came up with is since maybe we aren't wearing makeup, even when we're going back to the office, maybe you didn't before. It totally depends upon what your job is and all of that. What your needs are, uh, throughout the day, if it's a requirement or it's not, but if you're wearing masks, I know for me days, I don't have makeup on. I'm putting a lot more moisturizer on my skin than I normally would be because with I put a mask on and take it off, it feels drier.

Sometimes it feels irritated. I always like to have my hyaluronic acid serum that I'm putting on my face and also a moisturizer as well. So you might want to consider travel size products this way. You have it in your purse, you have it in your desk. You're so used to just being at home and going into the bathroom and picking up your skincare products to put on. Now, you're not going to be able to have all of them with you. So this way, if you need a couple of travel sized products, you'll always have products with you. And in the Inance line, we also have travel size products that are amazing. I'm going to put some links below. So this way you can have your products with you and you don't feel like you're dehydrating your skin since you've been so good and making sure you're using all your moisturizers this past year, we want to continue that this year, when we're going back to work. Okay? So here's the third one. I love this. And it's a blemish spot treatments because if we are wearing our mask, a lot of us are getting masking. We're getting more acne. So if you are going back into the office and you have to wear your mask,

Definitely you should have an acne Spot treatment. We have a great one from Inance as well. I'll put the information down below. You can go to and there you can save by using coupon code YouTube. I love when all my skincare besties get to save money and get the best medical grade skincare products, but that's a really good tip. I love that. And ours is a small size, so you'll be able to throw it in your bag and wallah pimples be gone, no more acne. And the last tip they gave, which is my should have been mine. Number one, if I was writing this article, it definitely would have been. And that sunscreen. So now that we're going to be back out in the car, traveling, however, it is a, you travel back to the office, you're going to be gained a lot more raised and sun and everything on your face.

So you have to make sure that you're using a sunscreen, definitely as your last step of your skincare routine for the day. So we have several mineral Inance skincare, medical grade line. We have several mineral sunscreens that are zinc and titanium dioxide. Only those do give you a slight white cast, but those are my recommended choices because they are completely mineral. They're safer, coral reefs and whatnot, but we also have a mineral tinted, which is great. So if you want a little bit of that, look to where it looks like you have foundation on where you look a little bit more tan. We had that as well. Then we have a sport 50, which stays on all day. Then we have our sport 50 sunscreen. And of course, if you aren't out in the sun all day, you can apply that once. And it will last all day.

If you're outdoor swimming and biking, and of course you need to apply multiple times throughout the day, but that one's great. And then we have one that's a no white cast whatsoever. She don't get any white cast on your face, but it isn't just minerals. There's also other sunscreens in there. I'm minerals are my favorite, but I brought that in because so many of my clients were like, Tanya, I just want a sunscreen that does not give me any white cast whatsoever. It's not tinted. So that was the best choice that I had and worked with my chemist to bring it into the line. So I loved that skincare news episode. That was great. Thank you. W J H for giving us all that information, because we all are going back into the office or we're going back out to meetings and we're doing a lot more than we were. So these are things we want to keep in our minds so that, because we're so used to being in a home, which has been so great, just to go wash your hands, put your sunscreen on, you know, put, put your moisturizer on, but you want to make sure that you have it with you now. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you so much. My skincare besties for watching have a wonderful day and I'll see you on the next episode.
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