Crazy and Weird TikTok Skincare Trends #skincareexpert
Crazy and Weird TikTok Skincare Trends #skincareexpert
Well, hi everyone, it's Tonia Ryan, your skincare expert and entrepreneur and today I'm going to be doing my new edition of #SkincareNews, where we're talking about glazed donut skin. I know you probably can't believe I just said that. I can't believe it either. I'm going to tell you what it is coming up. But before we get started, if you would please be so kind as to like and subscribe to my channel. This way we can always stay connected and I can make sure you save on the best medical-grade skincare. Now,, I'm totally freaking out, okay. We've already heard glass skin. We've heard of all of these other terminologies when it comes to skincare.

Now we're talking about a thing called glazed donut skin. Have you heard about this before? I mean, just the other thought of thinking that glazed donuts would be on my face is enough to make me not ever want to eat a donut again, but this is a thing, I can't believe it's a thing and I'm going to tell you what it is. Have you heard of it before? Please let me know in the comments below if you already know what this is. So what they're doing, I guess, is they're taking glycerin, petroleum jelly, and Aloe Vera gel. They're mixing it all together and they're putting it all over their face. It sounds completely disgusting to me and I have no idea why anyone would be doing this.

They're trying to say that it helps with dry skin, which look, we know petroleum jelly does help with dry skin, but it's not really something you're supposed to be putting all over your face and unless you have some serious issue like eczema or different things like that, a lot of times that helps it, but it's not something that you should be substituting as a moisturizer. So the reasons they're saying that it's good for your skin is it's humectants and emollients and yeah, that's what they are but that does not mean that you should be, where did they even get this glazed donut term? I mean, what, because you're putting these different super heavy jellies and whatnot on your face, it's making you think of a donut. No, because we all know Vaseline is petroleum jelly. It smells nothing like a glazed donut, not even close.

So they need to not just be writing articles about anything and that's what I feel is happening, that everyone's trying to maybe like shock value or clickbait, oh, glazed donut skin and then they're writing this whole article about it so then people are like, "What is that?" So they click it. This is my job as a skincare expert, to make sure that you guys know that all these weird different fads are definitely not something everyone should be doing by any means. So there's different dermatologists they asked about this and one of them had said, "When used in an ill advisable way, these petroleum jellies and all that mixed together can be counterproductive such as preventing your skin from accessing and retaining the moisture it needs," which is so true because petroleum jelly is super heavy.

Like for example, I had eczema. I sometimes get it on my face. I get it on my hands. I have it right now on my hands because I'm constantly washing my hands so much that they're getting dried out. I have a emollient that I use that I put that is petroleum jelly based and that does help with the eczema, but I would never put it all over my face if I didn't have eczema on my face. A lot of times it clogs your pores. It doesn't allow your skin to breathe. So it's not something that I'm saying you definitely should never do. It's just, this isn't something that we want to do every single day, because you're not getting the nutrients that you need. If you're trying to put a vitamin C like a C E Ferulic look on your skin, it will never be fully absorbed if you have all this petroleum jelly on your face.

Same with niacinamide and vitamin B3 and B5 serums. None of those are going to be able to penetrate at all. So if you have some sort of medical issue with eczema and you feel like, or you're super dry and you need petroleum jelly or something, you should ask your dermatologist it's okay for you to use it but I myself would not recommend doing this every day and do we really need to call it a glazed donut? I mean, they didn't even add facial to that, if they're going to be creative, they could have called it the glazed donut facial. But nevertheless, I think it's completely silly, but it's your choice. I'm just here to give you the skincare news and let you know what's out there and then you make the choice of what you think is best for your skin.

Now, if you would like to get some real medical-grade skincare products, instead of just petroleum jelly, and Aloe vera, you can go to I'm going to give you the coupon code, YouTube, you can use it check out for huge savings and I recommend medical-grade skincare. I know there are so many different fads out there, and everybody sometimes wants to go along with them and try different things, but you really need to be careful and make sure that you're putting the right products on your skin because you don't want to do more harm than good. So again, thank you so much for watching my skincare besties, and I'll see you very soon. Like and subscribe so we can always stay connected and have a wonderful day.
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