Dark Spots on Face? Fade Cream That Works
Dark Spots on Face? Fade Cream That Works
Do you have dark spots and hyper-pigmentation on your face? If you do, I'm going to talk to you about this amazing product that I developed years ago. It has become a huge favorite because thousands of my clients have used it and it helps diminish dark spots. I'm going to tell you all about it. Coming up. But before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel, so this way we can always stay connected. 

You know when all of my new videos come out, all the new products, promo codes, coupon codes, so I can save you money and more. So if you don't know who I am and you're new to my channel, my name is Tonia Ryan. I'm the owner of Inance Skin and Inance Skincare. We've been around for about eight years now. I created the Inance Fade Cream.

Now, I used to be one of the biggest Obagi distributors in the country. And Obagi has Obagi Clear. Now, this is before they had Obagi FX. Obagi Clear was an RX product. So for me, the 4% hydroquinone I felt was way too harsh for a lot of women. And after speaking to different doctors and physicians and plastic surgeons, using it for years on out was not something you should be doing. So I created the Inance Faded Cream, which is the 2% hydroquinone. It's over the counter and you do not need a prescription. So it's great for removing dark spots is when you're mixing the Inance Fade Cream which is a 2% hydroquinone, and you mix it with the Obagi Clear FX which is made with alpha arbutin. So I feel the two together are working better than the 4% Obagi on their own, which is RX, which is not over the counter, and something you should not be using for long periods of time.

The 4% is fine, it is over the counter and it does just as good of a job. I think it's absolutely amazing at getting rid of the dark spots, especially when you're mixing it with the arbutin product as well. Now, what's really great about this cream is it does have a 2% hydroquinone. So if you do not want hydroquinone and you want to go hydroquinone-free, Inance has other products as well that you can choose. I'll put the link below. And you can choose a totally different product that's hydroquinone-free. But for those of you who do want this, this is the 2%, you shouldn't use it if you're pregnant or nursing at all.

So if you want to try out the Faded Cream, I'm going to give you a coupon code. You can use coupon code "youtube" at checkout, and you can go to inanceskin.com. I'm going to put the website down below, so that you can go there and check it out. And I've had thousands of customers that have used this and they absolutely love it and it's working. And I love hearing that because I don't want to promote any product. This one is especially dear to my heart, because I created it, I worked on it for years to get the formula down perfectly, and it's working so well for most hyperpigmentation cases. If you have severe melasma and severe hyperpigmentation, that's something different and you should probably go see a physician about that. But if you just had a little bit of it here and there, you definitely want to try it because it does work.

So, thank you so much for watching friends. Have a wonderful day. Again, please make sure you like and subscribe. I hope I answered all of your questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me and reach out to me. We do text the order as well. So I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Have a wonderful day. See you soon.

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