Defenage Skincare! Yes or No #skincareexpert
Defenage Skincare! Yes or No #skincareexpert
Well hi, everyone. It's Tonia with Inance Skincare and today we're going to be talking about you helping me instead of me helping you. I'm going to explain what it's about coming up. But before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected and you won't miss out on any of the amazing coupon codes or discounts I'm going to give you. 

And if you're new to my channel and you don't know who I am, I'm a celebrity beauty expert. I've worked with some of the most well-known celebrities in the world. I've helped transform their image, their skin, their entire look, and I can help you as well. I also am the creator of Inance skincare and I've owned some of the largest medical grade skincare e-commerce websites in the world.

Now today, my skincare besties, I'm asking for your help instead of me helping you. So you know I only carry the best medical grade skincare lines in the world. That's all I will carry because I want to make sure that you get the best products. We also carry an organic line and then we have the Inance Skincare line, which I created, which is medical grade as well.

Now a new rep from Defenage sent me their new skincare system. Now it's not necessarily new, but it was new to me. So my question to you is have you ever heard of Defenage? This is a skincare brand that's new to me that is supposed to be amazing. I watched on YouTube to see what other different people were saying and other different reviews, and a lot of people really like it.

Now I am using so many different skincare products right here, I can't try this out right now because when I'm using a certain brand or certain new products, I don't like to put anything else in there to try because I like to get true, authentic results. And if you're using different new products, you don't know which one's doing the best for you and what is giving you the best results.

So this Defenage is something new to me. I want to know how you ever used it before? Do you like it? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? I know it's in the higher price range and a lot of times some people would say they don't like it just because of the higher price range, but we all know that a lot of times the higher price range can mean they're better or not. It totally depends upon the ingredients, the products, and how it works the best for your skin, because not everyone's the same.

So I want you guys to do me a favor, whoever has used this before. I want you to tell me in the comments below, number one, which products you've used. Number two, how long you've been using it. And number three, what you liked or you did not like about it. That would help me out so much because I want to hear from you guys to see what I bring in to us and if it's something we should bring in or not.

If I could use it right now and figure it out myself, I would, but I have the new Inance Skincare medical grade line that I've been working on for years, and it's launching now and I'm so excited. It's gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, made in the USA, naturally derived, and I can't wait to bring it to you guys. That's going to be happening within the next few.

But for now I can't try this, so I need you guys to tell me, do you like Defenage? Have you ever used it? Please let me know. So I appreciate you guys helping me out so much. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. If you're looking for other medical grade skincare products, you can go to You can see this here below. You can use my coupon code YOUTUBE at checkout and that will give you huge savings and whatever you buy, I'll send you some free samples if I have some at the time so that you can try all the other different products that we have.

So thank you, my skincare besties. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for the information. Thank you for connecting with me and I'll see you soon. Have a wonderful day.

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