Fred Segal Women's Store At Resorts World Las Vegas #skincare
So we're finally here, friends, we're out in front of Fred Segal Women. This is where my two skincare brands are being retailed. It's Smazy Skincare, and Inance skincare. I'm so excited. This is amazing, I created Smazy Skincare with my friend, Dr. Khorsandi. And of course, Inance is going on a decade, it will be 10 years next year. We're so excited, and we're retailing in one of the most iconic stores in the United States. We Can't be more happy, thrilled, honored, and tons of gratitude. Let's not forget about that.

So we're going to go in here. I'm going to see if I can shoot any video if I can, great, if not, I'll get you some still pics. You can always come in here yourself, check it out, you're going to be amazed.

So here we are friends, we are inside Fred Segal Women's, and we got clearing to be able to film in here, so I can show you everything. It really helps you to know people in Las Vegas, you know what I mean. If you know people, you can kind of get anything you want, but what you really want is Inance or Smazy Skincare. Here it is, here's our whole area, here, and we're inside of this entire skincare, haircare room. You got to get a clip of everything around here, and then of all things, we have a shiny disco ball, shiny disco ball, in the skincare area, what could be better? Does this, does this speak Tania? Does this is speak Inance and Snazzy?

It does because it's so cool, it's so off the charts, and you got to come here and check it out. I'm going to start doing appearances here, so you'll be able to come in, see me, meet me and I can help get you into the best skincare. I mean, if you can't tell I'm overly excited.

So for those of you that are traveling, I put together some travel kits for you, which are so nice because you can choose like the, You Are So Smart Kit, which is amazing. There's 11 pieces in here, so you can try each one of our Smazy, or Inance Skincare products, and then we have ones that are like the Reduce It Kit, the Scrub It Kit, the Exfoliate It Kit, and one of my favorites or Rich Drench It seven piece travel kit.

Now what's great about these, is you can get the full-size products, but then you can have little trial travel sizes that you can take with you, which is great when you're flying or in your, in the hotel or whatever. But then it helps you figure out which pieces from the line that you want, and what you want to try, and you get to try everything. This is our Inance area as well and this is the, You Are Everything, travel size kit, which is great, because again, you can try so many different products. We have the Exfoliate It kit the Rich Drench It kit, as well in Inance, and the Reduce It kit, and then we have all of our large size kits.

So then in the larger size kits, we have the Plump and Firm It kit, the Oil Be Gone kit, which helps you get rid, of course, all the oil that you don't want. The Sensitive Skin kit with, so many of us have sensitivity, dry skin. If you don't have dry skin, when you're in the desert, you're here visiting Las Vegas, you probably will get dry skin, but this can help get rid of it. You have the Combo kit, so if you have oily and dry skin together, you have something for that. The anti-aging routine, and again, the Plump and Firm it three piece kit we're so excited. There's so many different things to try, and then we have the individual pieces, that you can try yourself as well.

And if you didn't know it, the Kardashian closet is also located inside of this store, items that the Kardashians have wore before, and then you can actually, a lot of times it's on the red carpet, or it's in magazines or whatever, and you can actually purchase the items. So let's go check that out. So then of course we talked about the amazing Kardashians closet. This is it friends look at all of the clothes, I got to check out the shoes, look at these shoes.

Oh my god, these are like totally blinged out Jimmy Choos. They're absolutely adorable. I love it. Look at all of these. So cute, oh, some Dior of course, you have to have Dior. You have to come check this out, this is everything the Kardashians wore at some point. And it's very, very cool, really exclusive.

And then they have an active wear area, which is super great, if you wanted to go to the gym while you're on vacation, and then we have all of this, which is all again, my favorite casual type clothes, anything bright, beautiful. Oh, I was just going to buy this online, this is from Sundry, and now I can buy it here. I'm so excited cause I was literally just going to buy this before I left the house, buying it right now.

This is the party dress area. And I'm so excited, look at this. This is so adorable. Where, where am I going to wear this? I got to think about where, cause all I do is work, guys. You notice right? Constantly working. I'm super casual, where am I gonna wear this? I have to figure out where I need to go. Maybe, when I am a special guest of like, Tiƫsto's, or Zed, or something at the nightclub, this'll be the outfit. I got to figure it out. But I have a birthday coming up, so we'll see. But look at this, oh my gosh, absolutely fabulous, they've outdone themselves with this section

So I think i'm going to spend enough money in here. So I need to get out of here, lol. I came here to work and show you all of you guys my video, but now I just want to spend money, but really you've got to come check this out, Fred Segal in Resorts World it's so amazing, we're having so much fun. Of course Inance and Smazy skincare are here. We're having a blast, I'll see you soon. Make sure that you like and subscribe to our channel, because you'll be able to see all the amazing things we have going on. You can also buy us online at I'll put all the information down below. Have a great day. Thanks for hanging out with me. It's been a great, great Saturday, that might not be your Saturday, but wherever you are, make it your Saturday. See you later, have a great day.
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