Hormone Testing and Skincare?
Well, hi my skincare besties! Today we're going to be talking about a new episode of hashtag skincare news. And one of the big things that people are talking about is, is hormone testing. The next big skincare craze. Is it the next big thing? I'm going to let you know all about it coming up, but before we get started, if you could please make sure that you like and subscribe to my channel this way we can always stay connected and I can make sure I give you the best coupon codes when it comes to skincare. So this is what's going on. Harper's Bazaar. This is my news source of the day. Harper's bizarre is saying hormone testing is skincare. Is the next big thing. Could it be well, this was super interesting to me because, you know, I want to know everything that has to do with anything new and skincare, anything new entrepreneurial and skincare, because that's my world.

That's what I'm in. That's what I've been in for 25 years. Um, so they're saying how skin looks and behaves, um, is due to a fragile combination of lifestyle, genetics and hormonal components. The ladder has been the hardest to crack until now. So they're talking about the hormone components and there's something out there that's testing hormones for skincare. Now, of course, we all know hormones play a huge part when it comes to skincare. Um, if you're pregnant or your hormones are off, you can get hyper pigmentation on your face. It has a lot to do with acne. It's actually one of acne's. Number one sources is hormones, bacteria on and on. So now I guess what

This new company is doing is they are testing for your hormones to see where your hormone levels are, and it starts with a $95 test. So then I started looking into this a little bit deeper, cause I'm like $95. Hm. Most of us have insurance. If you don't hopefully try to get health insurance, if you can. But if you do have health insurance, a lot of times a co-pay to go to the doctors, maybe 25 $50. So we could just go to our regular doctor to be able to get a hormone test. That's what I suggest to a lot of my clients, if they're having issues and they think it's hormonal so that we can figure out what's going on and then also help address their skin issues. But this particular new company is charging $95. And I guess it measures your hormones and pH level. And then they're supposedly match skincare products in their line that would work for you.

And the average price of their skincare is 20 $30 per piece. So to me, has a skincare entrepreneur. The first thing I'm thinking is I don't really like this concept to charge a client $95 to get a hormone test and a pH test that they could already get a hormone test from a real physician or dermatologist seems a little off. Then if the products are 20 to $30 a piece, I know they aren't, high-end medical grade skincare and that's all that I carry. That's all that my company creates with my skincare brand Inance, so when I hear that I'm thinking, I don't know of any products that are over the counter OTC that are 20 or $30 that are going to cure hyperpigmentation. There's some for acne, but you need more than that. You need several pieces. So right away to me, it seemed a little off.

I'm not even going to mention the company's name because I don't want to, I don't want anyone doing this. Um, if you're having hormone issues, definitely go to a physician. I think that's the only thing that they're spot on with is if cause hormone issues absolutely can have something to do with your skin. There's no question about that whatsoever, but it's super important to go to a physician and MD a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, whoever it is to see if your hormone levels are off. If you just have hyper-pigmentation and acne and things like that, that are choose severe. There's plenty of over-the-counter pieces of skincare that I can help you with that there's, hydroquinone, hydroquinone free kojic acid. There are so many different things that we can do to help fix that. But I would never suggest just taking some sort of swab test for your hormones and sending it into some skincare company and then them sending you products, right?

I don't think that that is what should be happening. Um, if you don't need a test, a lot of people don't need hormone tests. If they're having skin issues, of course we can fix it. We can figure out what it is. It's all about discussions. Um, I do this with a lot of my clients. They send me pictures via text. Cause at, in its skin, you can check it out if you want to below, um, there's a little chat box and people start messaging me and send me pictures and I help them choose the right products for them all the time. No tests needed. So here's my answer. Yes. Hormones can be a factor. No, I do not think you should get some at-home tests for $95 and then choose random 20 to $30 products to fix the issue. Uh, there are so many other better medical grade products out there that can help you fix the issue.

If you're just having regular issues, you don't need to go to the physician unless you are having other issues that have nothing to do with your skin. And you think you need to go see a physician. So again, you can go to inanceskin.com. That's my website. I have my own skincare line there Inance and I carry other brands as well. And you can use coupon code YouTube at checkout for huge savings. So I hope you enjoyed this video. I am doing tons of segments about skincare news, because to me it's so important to make sure that I bring you guys all the best information that there is out there when it has to do with skincare because there's product recalls all the time. There's so many things I need to make sure you are informed. And thank you so much for watching my skincare besties have a wonderful day and I'll see you in the next episode.

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