How To Layer Your Skin Care Products #skincareexpert
How To Layer Your Skin Care Products #skincareexpert
Well, hello there. My skincare besties and thank you for joining me. This is a new episode of hashtag skincare news. I am your host, Tonia Ryan. Of course, most of you know who I am. If you don't know who I am, you will find out soon throughout this video today, we're going to be talking about this is from women's health, and they're talking about the correct order to layer your skincare products. I agree with them on some and don't agree on others. And I'm going to let you know about it coming up. And of course, before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel this way we can always stay connected and I can make sure I give you the best money saving coupon codes when it comes to skincare. So let's get started. Shall we? Today we're talking about women's health and this is from women's

Thank you so much. Women's is my source. And they're talking about the correct order to apply your skincare routine. And this is according to some dermatologists. Okay. So what is the correct order to apply your skincare products? Now, to me, this totally depends upon what your skin needs and issues are. What I like to do is I have a blog on my website and ant skin. And depending upon each customer, whenever they have a new skin issue, I try to create a new blog that gives you the order. And let's say hyperpigmentation. And if you're using just Inance products, I show you how to use just an Inance products. If you're combining Obagi and Inance, then I tell you exactly how to use that. But if we're just going to talk about in general, what is the correct order to layer your skincare?

Let me tell you what they are saying. And different dermatologists were saying, they said, of course you start in the morning with a cleanser now. Yes. And sometimes no. So it totally depends. Yes. You should cleanse your face every morning for the most part, if you're feeling dirty, oily, and all of that, but it should be a gentle cleanser. If you're dry, if you had acne and whatnot, it could be salycilic acid. It could be a glycolic acid. It totally depends. But yes, first step cleanse your face unless you're super duper dry, you might want to wake up and put a moisturizer on. If you're going to have breakfast and coffee before your shower, then you could go ahead and wash your face after that. So then they're saying there's step 1.5. And this is if you happen to be using any prescriptions. So if you're using a prescription for acne, rosacea, or another skin condition, their position more than likely, it's going to tell you to use it in the morning.

And they're saying, you should use that after your face wash. The second step would be a toner. And so glad that the dermatologists agree with me, and they're saying this because I think everyone should be using the toner. Even if you aren't using it every day, it does things to your face that other products do not do. It helps put your skin back to its natural pH, which is super important. I can go on and on and on, but I'm not going to do that. And this is how you, yes. Use a toner step three, they're saying as a serum. So yes, it totally depends upon the type of serum you're using. If you're using the vitamin CE for real lip, that's great to put it on. Then if you're using like our Inance plump it serum with nicinamide and vitamin B3. I recommend using that at night.

That's my preference, but it depends upon what you want to do and your skin type, but it's working the best that way for my clients. There's a set. Number four is an eye cream. And I'm so glad they're saying this as well, because a lot of YouTubers are telling people you don't necessarily need an eye cream. And it totally depends upon who we are talking to. Some people need an eye cream. Yes. Some people don't maybe, but is it because it looks like they don't have any lines into their eyes, perhaps it's because they're using an eye cream and it's helping make sure that it's keeping the wrinkles away. So there's no reason you shouldn't use an eye cream. Thank you for saying this women's health mag. Yes. Using the light cream set number five. And the daytime routine is a moisturizer. Absolutely ever go a day in the morning night whatsoever.

Moisturizer applied minimum two times a day, sometimes more. But yes, to me, one of the most important things, unless you want to be completely dried out, even if you are oily, there's oil-free moisturizers, that must be used and last but never least is number six, sunscreen, the most important product in your regimen. I know I might've just said it with moisturizer, but it is because you have to make sure you're protecting your skin because you do not want all of that extra free, radical damage and all of that from not having a sunscreen on it's super important. Do it every day, last step of your skincare routine. Okay? So we're running out of time and I'm going to give you your nighttime routine. Now that they're saying as well, love this cleanser. We already talked about that toner. Absolutely retinol. Oh my favorite. Everyone. I love retinol.

You don't have to go and get prescription tretinoin or any of that from your doctor. The regular over-the-counter retinol can do wonders to your skin. And doesn't give you that long-term effect that some of those prescription retinols do. I love this retinol and number three, and you can start out slow. You don't have to go the highest strength out of the gate. Don't do that. I have other videos got retinols, or if you have any questions, message me below. I'll give you those that information. The next step four is a serum. I've already talked about the plump at serum. I love with nice cinema and vitamin B3 that works great at night. Then they're talking about ice cream. We already said that you shouldn't have that date and night. We have an amazing one that helps with dark circles and puffiness from me and the Inance medical line.

I'll give you the link below you can go to and then step six moisturizer. Oh yes. Rich drench at night cream. My favorite with Inance skin as well. And if you want to know more about these products, I'm talking about from an answering good in it,, I'm going to give you a coupon code. It's YouTube. You can use it at checkout for huge savings, because I want my skincare besties to save money all while looking beautiful. So thank you so much for watching this video. Please comment below. Let me know what your skincare regimen is. If there's anything you need to change, or if you need me to help you, I'm here to help all of you to have a wonderful day. My skincare besties, and I'll see you soon. Bye-bye.

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