Nun Goes Viral On TikTok Because of Her Skin #skincare
Nun Goes Viral On TikTok Because of Her Skin #skincare

Hi, this is Tonia from Inance skincare and welcome to my episode of hashtag skincare news, where I give you all the information about amazing news and whats going on with skincare and beauty in our wonderful world. Now y'all know I'm a skincare entrepreneur and skincare expert, and I love everything that has to do with skincare, especially news. And what's going on in the world today? I'm talking about a nun. Yes, his sister. So that would be a nun in a Catholic facility, Catholic church. She is, has been on Tiktok and she's going viral because everyone's freaking out thinking that her skin looks so beautiful. And she's had like 200,000 views on her tiktok video. It totally was like blowing my mind when I read this. So I'm going to, I'm going to give you some information. So she's 55 years old. And by the way, this is from Newsweek dot. is my source for this information. Thank you so much. Uh, sister Monica, Claire. She said she's episcopal . I don't know if I'm saying that, right. Excuse me. If I'm saying it wrong, a nun and she's at St. Baptist church in New Jersey. And she started her Tik TOK channel in June. And she earned herself 40,000, 43,000 followers, I guess, who admire her youthful skin, uh, which was so funny to me, she's received over 200,000 views and everyone wanted to know how do you look so good? There's no way you're at 55. We thought you were 30, blah, blah, blah. She said her main tip that she wants to give everyone, she said her first tip was, she wanted to tell everyone, and this is a quote from her. She said she probably have a few less wrinkles than some people my age, because I can't go out in the sun.

She said that she gets migraines from the sun. So she has to stay under a sunshade or an umbrella. So that's proof that, of course we know the sun's aging us, but I love the sun. It gives you so many other wonderful things. Vitamin D increases, serotonin increases helps increase your immune system. And there's nothing like being out in the sun and beat on the beach, but you have to wear your sun screen. So I don't recommend that you don't go out in the sun. Like she says that she does, but she does look a lot younger from not having that sun damage. The second thing she says is it's her lighting. So everyone's all excited and wondering why she looks so good, but she actually has great lighting. She actually has a light while she's filming her videos. And then she has great sunlight coming in on her. So she said, low lighting is a girl's best friend. And then she said, so then they sit in your article, amen to that, which I thought was so funny. Um,

He or she is, there's a picture of her. If you can see it there. And she does look youthful. I mean, I think I would, I still guess she's in her fifties. That's just my opinion. I'm pretty good with guessing age, not especially over the phone. I can't tell the voices, but when I look at her, she looks to me around in her fifties. She's just looks great. Her going viral on TikTOK is probably because it's a lot of younger people than her on Tik TOK. So they automatically in their mind thinks someone in their fifties has to be all wrinkly and looking old or something when they don't. So that's why when they found that she was 15, they were freaking out and there's like, there's no way you're 55, but she does look really

Nice. Um, she says That she recommends people should use baby products on their face. Um, okay. That's what she does. I'm not recommending that adults use baby products on their face. If you had eczema or super sensitive skin, perhaps you could try something like that too. You know, if you to get rid of any sensitivity, but I have much better products for that. If you do have any of that, those issues, but you know, it's great that she is that, that age. And as she's getting all this recognition on Tik TOK, I think it's cool. So let me know in the comments below, if you have seen her on Tik TOK, or if you're, whether we're followers, I'd love to hear more, but I love stories like this because this is super fun. And if she is, you know, in the convent, this probably gives her a little bit of excitement each day, you know, these different followers and makes her feel great about herself.

And that's what that, that's one of the number one things about how you look is how you feel about yourself. And she seems to be really happy with herself and having a great time. So if you're interested in any medical grade skincare, you know, the good stuff, um, not baby products by any means because my skin is no longer a babies and neither is anyone else's once they're over the age of 18, um, you're not even baby skin at 18, but it's about as close as you're going to get. You can go to I'll give you an amazing coupon code. You can use coupon code YouTube at checkout. So this way you can save money on the best skincare cause I want you to look beautiful and of course save money. So thank you so much for watching my friends have a wonderful day. Please make sure you subscribe and I'll see you soon. My skincare besties take care of your skin.

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