Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream For Anti-Aging #skincareproduct
Well hi friends, it's Tonia with Inance Skincare, and I'm so excited because today I have two amazing Obagi products. They're from the Elastiderm Eye line, and I'm going to tell you all about them coming up. Do you have dry skin under your eyes, puffiness, circles, things like that you want to change, well the Obagi Elastiderm line for eyes can definitely help change that.

But before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected, and I can't wait to give you more information. And if you're new to my channel and you don't know who I am, I've been a celebrity beauty expert for over 20 years. I've worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, and I've helped mentor them, changed their appearance, changed their look, and help make them look better.

So today we're going to be talking about Obagi Elastiderm. If you've heard of Obagi Medical, I'm sure you've heard of their Elastiderm line. The Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream helps restore aging eyes, and it's the perfect treatment for eye concerns. So when you're getting the dark circles, puffiness, this absolutely helps. I have a lot of products at Inance Skin, which I'm going to put the information below here. I have a coupon code for this as well. 

You can use coupon code YouTube at checkout, if you're interested in purchasing, I love to save all of my friends money. But the Elastiderm line has been around for years, and it's been around for years for a reason, because it actually does work really well. There's an ingredient in the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream, which is called malonic acid and it's patent pending with Obagi, and it helps stimulate the production of skin cells. So that's one of the ingredients in here.

Now, it's not fragrance-free, so if you're someone who wants fragrance-free, I have lots of other fragrance-free eye products as well. You can check us out at Inance Skin. This formula helps tighten and firm sagging skin around the eyes, which we all want, and it also helps with wrinkles and smile lines around the eyes. 

Some people get Botox, and that helps with that as well. I'm not one of those people. I try to do everything more than natural way. I don't have any fillers. I've never gotten Botox in my life, and I'm going to be 50 this year. So a lot of the products that I am using absolutely work, and that's why I only like to bring the best products to my friends here who come to my Inance Skin YouTube channel and go to Inance Skin, because I know there's so many products out in the market and it can be extremely overwhelming.

There's also the Elastiderm Eye Serum, which is great and goes in conjunction with the Elastiderm Eye Cream. That's just like that extra boost, so you're getting a serum of antioxidants and then you're also getting a moisturizing cream to help minimize the wrinkles. So if you've never used this before and you want to try it, I'm going to give you my coupon code, it's YouTube. You can use it at checkout. I'll put it down here below. But again, both of these do have fragrance. If you want a fragrance-free eye cream, I have a lot of choices for you. So again, if you do want to fragrance-free eye cream, I have a lot of choices for you. I'm going to put a link down below in the description and this way you can choose what's best for you. But the coupon code YouTube works on any product inside of Inance Skin.

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