Obagi or Inance Facial Serum#skincare
Obagi or Inance Facial Serum#skincare
Well, hi, everyone. Today I am talking to you about Inance skincare. And today I'm going to be talking about two different serums, which one is the best for you? Do you know which serum you should pick? Sometimes people have no idea. I'm going to let you know all the information coming in, but before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected. And this way I can help save you on amazing skincare products that you can get the best skin of your life and at this count price. So today I'm going to be talking about two amazing serums. These are two of my favorites. The first is the Obagi elastiderm facial serum. I absolutely love this. It has copper complexes in it. See, look, I love it so much. I'm almost out of it. I have copper complex.

It has copper complexes in it, and it is a great day and night serum. And I love the scent. It's super fresh. It's super clean. It's just so nice. And look at that glow that it gives you the second serum that I love so much is from my line in, at skincare. And this is our new medical grade line. We've been in business for over nine years for almost a decade, actually, which I can't believe we've been in business that long cause timeshare, this why you're having fun. This is a collagen enhancing serum that has copper. So there's a copper complex, which is similar to what's in this Obagi Elastiderm. It has hyaluronic acid. So niacinamide and vitamin B five. This is there's clinical trials on this product and in the clinical trials. The, so the clinical trials that we have on this product have proven and with results. So this is proven information clinical trials done on actual  individuals. And the combination of the ingredients delivers an equivalent results to one injection of college and filler. And just two weeks of use by reactivating college, by producing extra collagen and elastin, which is just unbelievable and amazing. Now this I've been using twice per day and it's really difficult to kind of like figure out which Jeremy you should use and when you should use it, because there could be a lot of serums. We could be using a vitamin C and trying to figure out how we incorporate it into our skincare regimen can sometimes be tricky. 

But what I like to do with my clients is you go ahead and ask me whatever questions you have. And I'll answer them to figure out how we get you into the best products that are the best for your skin type. And then I give you an actual daytime regimen and an actual nighttime regimen, depending upon which product you're using and which products you need. So let me show you what this product is like. So you can actually see it in action. 

First off, there's no fragrance in any of our Inance medical skincare products, no fragrance whatsoever. It literally smells almost like nothing. There's a little bit of a scent from some of the products, but no added fragrance whatsoever ever. And look, it's clear, I'm using my hands so that you can, you get an idea and see what it looks like. And look how smooth that this is. It's really plumping the skin. A lot of my clients are putting their around their lip lines. You don't want to put it directly like all fully on your lips, so you get it into your mouth and all, but if you put it around your lip lines, it's just giving such a huge benefit of plumping and you can put it on day and night, or if you're using a vitamin C, I recommend you use a vitamin C in the day, and then you can use the serum at night. 

Okay, so let me go over some of the other clinical data that we have. That's proven on our Inance products. It's 190% increase in elastin production after 11 days. And that, again, that's backed by clinical data, 15% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and volume, and only two weeks quickly delivers equivalent results of one injection of collagen fillers within two weeks.

So that's collagen and fillers proven formula and a revolutionary blend of restorative peptides and ceramides, which we've talked about that in other videos, how important those are from the anti-aging process. It works with all skincare products and regimens. So if you're using a another brand of skincare, you can still incorporate this into your regimen as serum, because some people, they already have products that have a lot of clients that will message me, and they are finished with the products that they have. They want to start trying to Inance products, but they don't want to waste what they have. And that's fine. So when that happens, we can start incorporating some of the products one by one, so that we can start getting a good feel for how they're working for us. And then of course, we talk about it targets the fine lines on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes, which is really, really important.

And so many clients I have are having a lot of issues around the eyes, especially in the summer. And even in the winter, if you have your heaters drawing you out and then around the mouth or getting the lip line, smile lines, this definitely helps correct it. And it's great to start when you're young, if you're in your early twenties, you should be starting on one of these serums right away, and then keep going. Because as you get older and you get into your forties, fifties, and sixties, your skin will be so happy that you started young. So as of these two serums, if you don't know what to choose, if you want Obagi or you want the Inance, the difference to me, they're close in price are almost the exact same price. But if you want fragrance or you don't want fragrance Inance is great.

I think it's a really good product. That's Eastiderm serum has just worked wonders for a lot of people. It doesn't have all the niacinamide and the extra things that we have in Inance, but it's totally up to you. If you want fragrance, this is a nice light fragrance. We don't want any fragrance than an answer would be the choice for you. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, please let me know. In the comments below, you can also go to inanceskin.com. I'm going to give you an amazing coupon code, so you can save money on skincare because you want to look good, but you don't want to spend a fortune doing it, right? You want to save as much money as you can. And that's what I'm here to do is try to help you my skincare besties.

So you can have beautiful, glowing skin and save money. So thank you so much for watching my channel. I hope you enjoy my video today and try it out. You need to be using the serum. I don't know what serums you're using, but you need to be using some good serums. I actually had a conversation with this beautiful girl today who was in her thirties. And I asked her what she uses to clean her face. And she said, bar soap. And I was actually so upset. I said, you're crushing me right now. You're like, you're just killing me. We cannot be using bar soap in our face because although you're beautiful right now in your thirties, when you're older, you're going to wish you weren't using bar soap because that's just going to completely dry up. So again, thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day and my skincare Besties and I'll see you soon.

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