Obagi Vitamin C Serum Benefits #skincare
Obagi Vitamin C Serum Benefits #skincare
Which vitamin C is the best on the market? that's A great question. It's Tonia, from Inance Skin. I'm going to give you all of the information about vitamin C coming up, but before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected. Whenever my new videos come out, you'll get new information and wonderful coupon codes that I give out to all of my friends.

Here we go, we're talking about vitamin C and what's the best ones on the market. I know there's so many and I like a lot of them. I have about a top five and I'm just going to talk about one of the brands that I like today, and it's Obagi Nu-Derm. Obagi has been out for about 30 years. Their vitamin Cs, I never get any complaints from any of my clients. Once they start using them, they really like them and they stick with them. At times, they'll want to add a vitamin C, plus E, plus ferulic as well. That is a little bit different than just the regular vitamin Cs, but what's great about the Obagi vitamin Cs is they come in different percentages.

For example, if you've never used the vitamin C before, you should start with the 10%, because it goes up to 20. Then there's also a vitamin C mask that's 30% that we have from Obagi as well, but that's just a mask that you would use once per week to help get your skin brightened and have it glowing and do a little bit of an exfoliation process. But the 10%, I would start with. A lot of people like the 15% and they use it just under their eyes. When you're using the 15% just under your eyes, that's when you would be using the 20% on your face. Those are for people who have used vitamin C before, their skin can tolerate it, because not everyone can. Some people do get minor irritation, you could get little bumps. It totally depends. Most people are okay with it, that I've talked with, and most clients that start on the vitamin C absolutely love it and they can see a difference when they aren't using the vitamin C.

But Obagi does have a full of vitamin C line that's not necessarily just their vitamin C serums. They also have the FX C Clarifying Serum. This is a serum that helps with hyperpigmentation, so it's trying to help you diminish those dark spots on your face. The regular vitamin Cs do that as well, but this one is just a little bit more intense and has some other ingredients that help you get rid of that. Then of course, there's a vitamin C peptide complex serum. This is really, really a nice new product. I talk about peptides and how important those are in so many of my videos, but this is a really good serum to use as well. Then there's the FX Therapy Night Cream. That's also a part of Obagi's Pro-C serum formulas that they have and choices.

If you're just starting out and you don't have hyperpigmentation, or you just have a little bit, I would choose the different vitamin Cs that they have, the vitamin C serums, and then you can choose some of other products if you have hyperpigmentation. That's important too, you can actually incorporate them and use them together. It all depends upon what you want and it totally depends upon what you need as well.

Here at Inance Skin, which is also Skincare Special, I'm going to give you a link here so that you can come and check out my website. I'm going to give you a free promo code, which is actually a coupon code that you can use at checkout. You can use code YOUTUBE so that you can save even more money, if you spend over $40, you get free shipping. But I also have text to order so if you have any questions, you can text me, our number is down here as well. Our text number is down here as well so I can help you choose the best products. I normally do a prepaid order, say $100, $200, whatever it is you're interested in purchasing, and then I help you choose the best products so you can make sure you're getting the right products for you. Then Obagi also has the vitamin C 30% mask. That is out of this world and that's great to use once or twice per week to really get that glowing skin.

I hope I helped you choose the best vitamin C products for you. I have lots of brands I love, guys, but this is in my top for the Obagi vitamin C serum. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I'll see you soon.

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