Should You Double Cleanse #skincaretips
Should You Double Cleanse #skincaretips
Well, hi everybody. It's Tonia Ryan with Inance Skincare and today we're going to be talking about, should you double cleanse? Everyone wants to know, "Should we double cleanse?" Do you even know what the double cleanse is? Well, I'm going to let you know coming up. 

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Okay. So let's just dive right in here. For today, we're going to be talking about, should you double cleanse? Now all that means is, should you wash your face twice? Everyone's putting all these different words together, but okay, cool, I'm going to roll with it. So should you double cleanse? Well, that totally depends. I talked about this a little bit in the video, about over a year ago, I talked about double cleansing and should you double cleanse and different things like that, because another YouTuber was talking about it. And my first inclination was no, we shouldn't double cleanse, but then when you start thinking about it more, there's so much more that's involved in it. What is your skin type? Which cleanser are you using? What are the ingredients in your cleanser? What is the water like where you are at, either where you live or where you are on vacation; those are all things to think of. So for example, let's just talk about the Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel.

Okay. So this is not a gentle cleanser. Alastin has a gentle cleanser, which is great, and then Obagi also has a 360 Exfoliating Cleanser. So they're all different and they all do different things. So if you just have regular, no or minimal skin issues, and you wanted to try the foaming gel, this is a great product. It can be stripping if you have sensitive skin, so that's when I would say you should use a gentle cleanser. And if you feel like you need to slough off some of that excess dirt, debris, old skin, then you should try the exfoliating cleanser. But now we're moving on to the double cleanse. Meaning should you wash your face twice? Whether it's morning or at night.

So some YouTubers are saying, "Yes, you always need to do a double cleanse, blah, blah, blah." But there's not a one-size-fits-all for anyone. And if we're talking about morning and night facial washings, that's four washes for double cleansing. That can be incredibly drying and stripping if you have dry or mature skin, if you're older, or whatever climate you live in. No, we're not telling everyone they just need to do a double cleanse; that isn't going to work. "So what is going to work?", you say. You're like, "Tonia, what should I do and it's going to work?" Okay, so if you're using a foaming gel and you have regular, no or minimal skin issues, you don't have combo or anything like that, and you are washing your face let's say in the evening, and you don't use makeup wipes for your eye makeup and whatnot, you probably do need to double cleanse.

Meaning wash your face, wash your eye makeup, and if you still have some makeup left over, then do a double cleanse again, just on your eyes. But as soon as you're done doing that, just go straight to your serum and then your eye cream and your moisturizers, and put that on right away because that locks in all of the moisture. Because if you wait too long, then the moisture dissipates and escapes and we don't want that. So then if we're talking about our Gentle Cleanser from Alastin, let's say you don't wear makeup that day, you just had on sunscreen like you should wear every day, and you want to wash your face at the end of the night. So you'd use your gentle cleanser, you would wash once, and if your skin feels clean, you do not need to wash a second time.

Let's say you used a really heavy sunscreen or your real sweaty for the day or whatever, normally you would be in the shower washing your face, but some of us don't. So if you washed your face and you felt like you needed another cleanse, that's when you go ahead and do it. It just makes my face feel so fresh and clean. So this product, I would never say you should double cleanse with twice because it's an exfoliating cleanser. There's little microbeads in them. You have to be really careful that you don't get them in your eyes or your mouth or anything. Keep everything closed when you're rinsing your face off because there's little, teeny, tiny microbeads. So you have to be very careful about that. So you definitely don't want any of those in your eyes, but this is something I would never say you should double cleanse with.

So that's what I mean when I say there's not one-size-fits-all for everyone because everyone is different. Everyone's skin is different. To answer your question, you should stop cleansing after your skin feels completely clean. No debris left, no dead skin, no eye makeup, whatever. That's when your skin is clean. If you're using a gentle cleanser, sure. Double cleanse twice. It depends upon your water. Do you have soft water, because soft water it's going to take longer to cleanse it off. Hard water has lots of harsh chemicals so that could strip your skin. So you have to get to know your skin, get to know you, and follow what works best for you. Now, when anyone else says you should do what you feel and think that you should do. So I hope I answered your questions, should you double cleanse? Because I get asked this question so often and I want to make sure I can answer all of your questions.

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