The Best Self Tanner #streakfree
The Best Self Tanner #streakfree
Well, hi everybody. It's Tonia with Inance Skincare, and today we're going to be talking about self-tanners. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, we can have a love-hate relationship with them, but I'm going to give you some information on my new favorite self-tanner coming up. If you would be so kind, before we get started, if you could please like and subscribe to my channel. This way we can always stay connected and I can make sure that I give you the best coupon codes so you can save money on medical grade skincare and more.

So, have you used a self-tanner before? I'm sure you have or you know someone who has, and some of us love them, some of us hate them, some of us get airbrush tanning, some of us just go out in the sun, which if you go out in the sun, make sure you're using an SPF. But I'm going to be talking about the new Inance Skincare medical grade, this is our self-tanning foam. This is really revolutionary to me because I hate self-tanners, I cannot stand them. I think they stink and they smell so bad, but this is completely different.

So I went to our chemists, who do all of our manufacturing and I said, "What can we do about getting a good self-tanner?" I have so many clients ask me, "What can I use? I look so pale. I don't like this, Tonia. I want to be tan, I want to get in my bikini and I want to look hot." Well, that's very important. I agree with you. So I said, "What can we do? I need the scent and the fragrance out of the self-tanner, is this possible? Is this something that you can develop and create for me?" So after months and months of research, it's actually here. This is fragrance-free.

Now, that doesn't mean there isn't some sort of scent, because with all the different ingredients that go into the products, you still get some sort of scent, but don't get that self-tanner smell. It's totally different. And the other thing that's amazing is it's a foam, so it comes on really nice. And it's a buildable foam, so you can put it on several times so that you can even get darker. And do you want to hear the best part about it? It's streak-free. Now, I'm sure some of you have tried a self-tanner before, and before you know it, there's streaks all over your bottom, you missed a spot, or there's a streak that goes all the way up and down your leg because you didn't get a certain part of your body. This is streak-free, that's what's great about it being a foam, because a foam actually subs up and rubs on so much smoother than if it's just some sort of tacky lotion.

So to get the best results, after you've applied, you want to make sure that you wash your hands really well, and in between your hands so that you don't get any marks. You want to wait as long as you can to put your clothing on. So let's say, I know some of us don't want to walk around the house naked all day, maybe some of you do, but if you can put it on... Because I wear my bikini with mine because I like it to actually look like it's a real tan. So I put my bikini on, then I put my self-tanner on, and then I actually will just wait. I'll do different things around the house, sometimes I'll vacuum, sometimes I'll get on my computer and I'll do all that standing up until I feel like it dries, and then I put my clothes on.

I normally don't choose white clothing that day so I don't stain my clothes. I put something darker on, and then I'm not staining my clothes whatsoever. And you want to wait until you get into bed. You don't want to do this late at night because then it's not completely dry and it hasn't soaked in, and then you might end up having a little bit of spots on your sheets. But for the most part, if you follow all the directions and you do it the right way, you're going to absolutely love it.

So I hope I helped you. You can go ahead and check this out at, I'm going to put the link here below. And go ahead and leave me some comments. If you have tried different self-tanners that you like, you don't like, let me know. I want to know what you guys think, I want to know what you feel. And I'm going to give you a coupon code. If you want to try this, you can use coupon code YouTube at checkout for huge savings because I want to make sure all my skincare besties get to save as much money as they can, all while looking their best. So thank you so much for watching, friends. I'll see you on the next video and have a wonderful day. Bye bye.
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