The Best Skincare Kit For Sensitive Skin!
The Best Skincare Kit For Sensitive Skin!
Well, hi everyone. This is Tonia with Inance skincare. And today we're going to be talking about the pre-made kits, the brand new ones that came up from an. This is our, an Inance kit for sensitive skin types, a five-piece kit. I can't wait to tell you all about it coming up, but before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected. And this way I can make sure I give you the best coupon codes and savings on skincare. Okay? So when we have sensitive skin, it could mean thousands of different things, and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the sensitivity actually is. Is that our sheets is that our makeup? Is it our shampoo? Is it our hairspray? Is it what we're washing our clothes with? Um, are we starting to develop eczema on and on and on?

And there's so many different things that it can be, and sometimes it's overwhelming trying to figure it out. So in our, Inance sensitive kit, the first product, when the number one products to make sure you're having is a gentle cleanser. Every using the product that's too harsh, or that is not good for your skin type. You can get more sensitivity. Now, all of the enhanced products in Inance medical, line are fragrance free, and fragrance can give you a lot of sensitivity and without even knowing it, and you're putting it on your face and that could make you develop a rash or different things like that. Welt per so many different things for my clients. So that's why this cleanser is great because it is for sensitive skin. And it's a gentle cleanser. The second product I put in this kit is a gentle toner.

And there's a lot of different people on YouTube saying, you need a toner. You don't need the toner. Well, if you have sensitive skin, you definitely need a toner. I think almost everyone needs a toner, but sensitive skin for sure needs a toner. And you need a gentle toner because it's going to bring your skin back to your natural pH balance. If it's not at that certain pH that it's supposed to be, then you definitely can have more sensitivity on your skin and that you do not want. And this is a great way to avoid that. The third product I brought in is our plumping collagen enhancing serum that has niacinamide. And it also has vitamin B3, but niacinamide is also one of our superstar products, there are so many different things that it does for you. I'll link the niacinamide video down here below.

So, you know, everything it does for your skin and the vitamin B3 is amazing as well because when they are together and the combination and helps plump up your skin, we have clinical trials that prove that you will get more collagen after you've used this in your skin. And one injection of actual collagen injection from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. So there's clinical trials. People love it. And this is really great for sensitive skin as well. The fourth product I put in is our oil free moisturizer. This also has niacinamide as well. And when you have sensitive skin, of course, you have to have as much moisture in your skin as you can, but you don't want any of those added extra ingredients that can give you sensitivities, such as petroleum and mineral oils and different things like that. A lot of people have so much sensitivity to this and they don't even know why or what it is.

And sometimes it's overwhelming. You look at the back of the bottle, there's so many ingredients and you don't know what it is that's bothering you. So with every client that I've worked with, that's been using this, they do not have any sensitivity whatsoever, the moisturizer. So it makes it a great choice. And that's why I put it in this kit. The fifth item I put into the kit is a guard it tinted mineral SPF 44, that this is mineral, which means it's only zinc and titanium dioxide, which is great. So there's not any of the harmful ingredients or anything like that. So it's safer coral reefs, and it is just a great choice and it's tinted. So some of my clients don't want a white cast on their face, but they definitely want to wear a sunscreen. What's great about this is it's tinted. It gives you that camouflage look makes your skin look more healthy and vibrant and more even.

And it is if you have a light foundation on, but then you have your good mineral SPF and your skin is protected and you're on your way. So these are my five favorite choices. If you have sensitive skin, we have a lot of other products that you can add in from the line. If you have any acne and you need a spot treatment, or if you want a mask, I have an amazing pumpkin enzyme mask that works great. And if you feel like you need more hydration, then I have our Richard drench it cream, and it's a night cream, which is amazing. So I'll link all those below, but this is a great start. If you have sensitive skin, we can talk about some of the things that could be going on with your skin. If you have sensitivity, sometimes it's hard to eliminate the same way.

If you have like a gluten allergy or anything like that, trying to eliminate certain things from your diet, you do the same thing with your skin. Try to eliminate certain things, certain ingredients, certain products, and see what's working the best for you. But this is the best when you have sensitive skin. And I love helping so many people that come to me and they're so upset, Tonia, what's going on with my skin, and then I've gotten them into this kit and there've been so happy. So thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them in the messages below. I'll be happy to answer them and you can go to You can use my amazing code YouTube at checkout. So this way you can save. Cause I love all my skincare besties to save as much money as they can all while getting beautiful, glowing skin. So again, thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next episode.

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