Tinted Sunscreen Is Back! #obagi
Well, hi friends. It's Tonia at Inance Skin and I'm so excited, and guess why, the new Obagi tint sunscreens are back. They got rid of them for a while and they brought them back. And I'm going to tell you why this is so great coming up. But before we get started, please make sure you like and subscribe to my channel, so this way we can always stay connected and you won't miss out on all the amazing coupon codes I have for you, the deals and specials, and we can always stay connected. 

So we talked before about sunscreens and why they're so important. Does everyone remember why? Why? Well it's because of skin cancer, aging, wrinkles, all these terrible things that can happen to us. So you have to make sure you're wearing a sunscreen each day. Now with everything that's gone on, the past year with Corona and all of that, we all have maybe not worn as much makeup.

So that's even a better reason why you should be using an SPF, always, because a lot of times our foundations and powders already have an SPF in them, although you still want to put an SPF on as well, especially if it's summertime, when you're out in the sun a lot, that's super important. But what I love so much about these two products and I'm so glad they brought them back, is there is a tint to them. Now, I carry only the best skincare brands. Obagi, Elastin, Inance, on and on, other brands as well, but these two are really great because there's two different tints. So you have the warm, which is more of a bronzy color, and then you have the cool, which is if you're more fair skinned. Now in the thumbnail and below, I'm going to give you a link so that you can see the two different colors so that you can choose what's best for you.

Now, both of these do have zinc and titanium oxide. So if you're interested in these, I'm going to give you an amazing coupon code. You can use code YouTube at checkout for extra savings, and you can go to inanceskin, I'm going to put that here below so that you can check it out, because I like to make sure all my friends are saving money and getting the best skincare so that you can be the most beautiful best you.

So when you go to inanceskin, you can go ahead and message me, and I have a message bot on there where you can text me. If you have any questions, I'm going to put our text down below, because we also do text to order, and when you go to inanceskin, you'll see a little box that has my picture there and you can go ahead and message me, and I can answer any questions that you have as well, if you don't know which sunscreen to choose.

But what the most important thing to remember is you have to wear sunscreen. This is the number one product that helps with anti-aging. There isn't anything else that can help more than making sure you're wearing a sunscreen and using one each day, and then to have a tinted one is even more of a bonus if you aren't wearing as much makeup or you're just out in the sun for the day, because you get that nice camouflage glow, that makes your skin look awesome. So again, thank you so much for watching, I can't wait to see you next time and have a great day. See you soon friends.

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