Get Rid Of Acne With Obagi Clenziderm #salicylicacid
Well, hi everyone. Welcome to Inance Skin. It's Tonia Ryan. I'm here to talk today about some acne products. Are you struggling with acne? Teen acne, adult acne, whatever it is, well, I have some good products for you to help make sure we get rid of the acne coming up.

So when it comes to acne, we all have problems with it. We can't stand it. I don't know anyone that says, "Oh, I hope I have acne today." No, no one wants to have acne whatsoever. So Obagi has been around for, gosh, about 30 years. I really like their CLENZIderm Acne Line. I didn't really have any acne for years. I was one of the lucky ones. Even in my teens and 20s I hardly had any acne. But now that I'm an adult, been an adult for awhile, but once I hit my 40s, I started getting more acne, especially around my chin. I have eczema there as well, and I really dislike it.

But I started using the CLENZIderm Line. I never had to use anything for acne. So I was like, "Well, what is this going to do? Is it going to dry me out? What's going to happen?" So I started just with the pore therapy, which is salycilic acid 2%. It did dry me out, but I was smart about it because I only put it on the spots where I was getting the extra acne, which was around my chin. What was odd too is it was kind of like around where I get eczema because I get eczema padded around my mouth ever since everything has been going on with corona and wearing masks and whatnot. We're all having horrible skin issues, everyone I've been speaking with were like, "What's going on with my skin?"

But this has helped so very much this in conjunction with a lot of other products I use. I have some really, really great products that I've been joining together. That's what is so important is making sure you're picking the right products that work for you and your skin type.

So the CLENZIderm Line has other products as well. They have a great foaming cleanser, which is good. So if you have acne all over, that's something great to use. If you just have it in certain spots, this pore therapy, salycilic acid 2% works amazing. There's a benzoyl peroxide 5%. This is good as well. This is also just a spot treatment. This is if you have more severe acne, not just like a little bit of acne. Then there's also the glycerin 20%, which is a therapeutic moisturizer.

What that does is when your skin's drying out. So if you have, you know, quite a bit of acne or severe acne, you need to use of course the cleanser all over. You're using the spot treatment and the salycilic acid. Before you know it, your skin is completely dried out. So the therapeutic moisturizer helps make sure that your skin gets back to its balanced pH.

So the therapeutic moisturizer helps get rid of all of the dryness and the chaffing in your skin. So this works really, really well. So now let's talk about our retinol as well. If you do have just a little bit of adult acne or even some sort of acne, and you're over the age of let's say 18 to 21, you can start incorporating a retinol because that will minimize your acne. It does work very well. You just have to be careful of if you're using salycilic acid at the same time, you would maybe want to use this the day before and then use this the next day or start this out once a week so that you don't have any irritation.

A retinol is good I think always from, like I said, that some people are starting at 18. I would say between 18 to 21, depending upon whatever your skin issues are. But this helps so much with acne. It's a Vitamin A compound. It helps with anti-aging. There's so many other benefits to it as well. But it should always be incorporated even if it's just once a week.

So I have a bunch of other wonderful acne products as well. If you want to go to Inance Skin, which is also Skincare Special. I'm going to put that information down here as well. I'm going to give you, my friends, an amazing coupon code so that you can save money at checkout. The coupon code is YouTube. You can use that at checkout when you go to check everything out. There's just a little spot, you add that in. Voila, you have huge savings.

So again, I hope you enjoyed my video. Thank you so much for watching. Please like and subscribe to my channel so we can always stay connected. Again, if you have any questions, I offer a text to order as well. I'm going to put the text number down here. So if you have any questions, I can answer them for you and help you pick the right product so that you can get beautiful skin. So thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day. See you soon.
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