What's the difference between Obagi Nu Derm Clear and Obagi Clear FX Skin Care?
Hi everyone, it's Tonia with Inance skincare and today we're going to talk about Obagi Clear FX versus Obagi Clear RX. Which one should you use? What's the best way to go? I'm going to let you know, coming up. And don't forget to like, and subscribe to my channel. Make sure you hit that bell because you'll get notifications every time I have a new video out and we can stay connected and you won't miss out on any of the new skincare training. So today we're going to talk about Obagi Nu Derm Clear FX versus Obagi Clear Nu Derm RX. So many people ask me all the time, "Which one should I get? What's going on?" And I have all the answers for you.

First off, if you're new to my channel and you don't know who I am, I've been in the skincare industry for decades. I'm known as a guru. I have my own skin care line and I used to own one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. I sold it not too long ago, and now I'm back and I'm so excited so I can help you choose the best skincare products that suit you, suit your needs, make sure you get that fresh, energizing, glowing skin, and I'm going to save you time and money. I was one of the largest distributors of Obagi Nu Derm for years. There wasn't anyone bigger than me online. I was the biggest. That's right.

Now the Obagi Clear FX is a non-prescription product which helps get rid of hyperpigmentation, discoloration, helps with fine lines and wrinkles, it's really an amazing product, especially if you have those hard to remove freckles, dark spots, any of that, this is the best product line to actually start with to help remove those. The Obagi Clear FX has alpha arbutin. It no longer has hydroquinone. It actually FX never had hydroquinone. The regular Obagi Clear was an RX product and that has hydroquinone in it. It's a 4%. It's not over the counter. You need a prescription from a doctor in order to purchase this.

Now Dr. Obagi created the Obagi System over 20 years ago. He sold it to Obagi Medical about 10 years ago. And now there's so much new technology guys. Right? There are so many brands out there, but there's so much new science and new technology that you do not need, the 4% hydroquinone in the Obagi Clear at all anymore. Actually even Dr. Obagi has said, it's not good for longterm use, it should not be used for more than six months. Which is why Obagi Medical now created the Obagi Clear FX with the alpha arbutin. Alpha arbutin does take a little bit longer to help remove the dark spots because it's not as intense as a 4% hydroquinone but that's actually a good thing because you don't want something that's so intense that it could be doing different things to your body that you actually don't want happening, if you know what I mean. Sometimes there are certain chemicals and some products that maybe are too intense or too extreme and shouldn't be used for very long.

So what I did is I knew that Obagi Medical was creating the Clear FX before most of the world knew. I knew this. I knew it was happening and actually started carrying it before they even started distributing it in the United States. And I created the Faded Cream by Inance. It's a 2% hydroquinone. So you're still getting that extra boost. You're still getting that extra boost of skin lightening without going the full 4%, because 4% sometimes can be too much for some people. When you mix the 2% Faded Cream of the hydroquinone and you use it with the Clear FX, the nonprescription formula, that has the alpha arbutin, you are going to get amazing results, if not better than what you would get with the 4% hydrocodone, because sometimes it's too harsh and too extreme on your skin, especially if you've been using tretinoin with it, it thins the skin too much.

Tretinoin is old school, everyone. We do not need to be using tretinoin at all anymore. There's too much new science that's better for your skin. And that is retinol. There's retinols you can use that are just as good as a Tretinoin without having the thinning of the skin that the tretinoin does. If you're using the full Obagi Nu Derm System, you can mix the retinol with the Blend FX at night, which is the same with the alpha arbutin as the Clear FX, you do not need the RX product. If there are some cases where your melasma and dark spots are incredibly, incredibly like almost covering your entire face, then maybe you do want to go to a physician to get a prescription. Don't just buy this over the internet from anyone, you want to go and get a prescription for the RX product to start off the phasing of lightening your skin.

You can do that. But if you want to just take a little bit of time, you can put all these products together and you're going to get the same, if not better results. So it's your choice. You have to choose what's best for you. But my self as a skincare guru, all of the different cases I've seen, the melasma and dark spots, this absolutely does get rid of them, even the toughest of spots. Now, you have to remember, you have to use a sunscreen because if you do not use a sunscreen while you're trying to remove your dark spots or after you have removed them, you're just going to have them come back. Your sunscreen of course helps protect you from so many different things, as well as skin cancer and free radicals and all of that, but you have to make sure you're using a sunscreen or you're just counterproducting what you're doing.

So if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. I do one-on-one skincare consultations. You can go ahead and message me at inanceskin.com or skin care special. I'm going to show you down below here in the description, and I'm going to give you a wonderful coupon code for these products. Actually for Obagi, I'm going to give you such a good deal. I would like you to type in obagi30. Type in obagi30 at checkout and see how much money you're going to save, because I want you to try this, if you do have dark spots of melasma so you can see how well it's going to work for you.

If you have any other questions, I'd love to do a one-on-one skincare consultation with you. You can also leave comments down in the description. I'm here for you. I want to make sure you get the greatest skin of your life. I want to save you time and money. I want to build a community, so we're all friends, we can hang out together and talk about how beautiful and glowing our skin is. So thank you so much for watching me. I hope you had a great time. I had a great time explaining to you how I can help you get wonderful skin and I'll see you soon. Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel so we can hang out together. Have a wonderful night friends. Bye-Bye.

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